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One thought on “Services”

  1. Spotted your name through Farm to Consumer… Saw that you were helping organize the Woman’s Herbal Conference this year. I’m always happy to see someone from Chgo doing stuff like this. I’d love to connect you with my girlfriend, LIsa, in regards to herbalism. If she were to go in a future year, I’d probably be driving with her whether I could attend or not … ok, anyway, It would be nice to connect you two somehow. We’re throwing a party on July third. That might be a nice opportunity for you and your husband to meet us. Otherwise, please keep me informed of any classes you might be teaching or organizing here. I’m putting my name in the “Follow” box, and you can check me out on FB or my website:

    I can get “dorkishly enthusiastic” when my intuition kicks in.. but I felt it important to send this note anyway. Anyway, wishing you and your family well.

    In breath and heart,

    Martin Barba

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