Healing Philosophy

Herbal Rising: Collective healing through grassroots herbalism.

Herbal Rising is committed to transformative and healing principles and practices that guide us on our path to liberation. Our healing philosophy is a fluid and living sentiment that guides our work. As we grow, so do our experiences as well as our capacity to heal.



Herbal Rising Healing Philosophy


Collective healing : Our history, our journey, and ourselves are all connected. Health and healing is central to our experiences within societal injustices. Using a trauma-informed framework, healing together within community, is fundamental to our growth, healing, liberation and freedom.


Access to health and healing : Increasing the accessibility to herbalism within communities allows for greater, deeper, and more enriched opportunities for both individual and collective growth, transformation, and healing. Grassroots herbalism is  essential. Retrieving our indigenous plant wisdom for our communities can be simple, fun, and one of our greatest priorities.


Healing is self-determined : Everyone has the power to heal themselves. It is the individual healer that determines what “health” and “healing” looks like and what they choose to do to achieve their health and healing goals. We exist to assist and support.


Healing is an act of resistance : Healing is hard work. Healing is a revolutionary act; it is not reactionary. We acknowledge and overstand the ways in which we care, take care of, organize, resist, and exist as central to our healing process and is healing justice. We will continue to do this hard work and continue to #rise up!


Healing is connected to our earth : Develop, open up, and feed this relationship. Ask for guidance. Lay your worry down. Pick your tools up. Make some magic. The land is the there for you and waiting for you no matter where you reside. #urbanmagic


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2 thoughts on “Healing Philosophy”

  1. Wow! I love your philosophy. It blessed me. It gave me a spark to help me articulate something I’ve been processing in my pre-thesis work. Would love to chat sometime.

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collective healing through grassroots herbalism

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