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Wild Herban Walk in Humboldt Park

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to reunite with my herbal sister Celena in facilitating an plant walk around Humboldt Park’s beautiful boathouse. There were some beautifully brave folx that joined us and I have to say, my spirit is still singing from our connecting and sharing.

The walk started with a powerful meditation led by Celena. We all grounded and rooted ourselves, leaving outside forces to play as we became one with our surroundings. The plants surrounding the boathouse are vast and luscious. Appreciating their ever changing, seasonal appearances makes me so humble, so full. As we traversed the park, we sat with each plant momentarily, enamored with its magic. The biodiversity that is plant life demonstrated so many connections to our existence, our interconnectedness, and interdependence. We gave love and honor to the plants, the bugs, the water, and ourselves for we all need each other in order to exist. Each participant’s words and insight were so warm and heart opening. One participant had a powerful reflection on red clover; how red clover’s resilience and determination is parallel to our own, surviving and existing in spite of and in resistance to systemic oppression (these words don’t come close to the eloquence and brilliance that was shared). Another participant reflected on his youth and days spent in this very park; reconnecting with spirit and memories; a reunion long awaited. We all spoke of the need for reconnecting to a culture and knowledge passed down to us from generations long before us. This is our birth right. This is our resistance.

We concluded our walk with committing to learn and connect with a plant, to absorb its spirit and become great friends. I chose mama milkweed. Which plant will you choose? There are so many beautiful allies in the park, the ones we covered are only a few. See the list of plants observed on the Wild Herban Walk here.

Thank you goddess Moon for the light and calming end to a magical day.

Wild Herban Walk

One love.


Late Night Herbing


It’s my second week in the boondocks and I’m late night herbing (yes, that’s a verb;)) Moving outside of the city has left me with a bunch of mixed feelings but the one thing I love the most is the outdoor space. Being a north side girl I’m used to city congestion. Being out here lets me have a bunch of outside space and very close forest preserves to get into. Took a walk yesterday and noticed some wild rose and yellow dock (this herban girl’s dream).

Until next time, green blessings!


Common Herbs for your Healer and Doula Bag

Photo: Lil Empress tending to her roots

Many thanks and blessings to all of the participants that came out to the Common Herbs for your Healer and Doula Bag workshop. There was an awesome turnout and we made some fun medicine to share with our clients and loved ones. Give thanks for Sage Community Health Collective for allowing us to use their sacred space. It’s always healing for me to be in that space and this was no different. I felt honored to be able to share with folks there since our collective healing is fundamental in our liberation.

If you missed it, don’t worry…there will be more! Follow this blog for more updates and upcoming workshops.

Coming later in 2014:
-Common Herbs for your Healer and Doula Bag (Webinar)
-Winter Medicinals (In-person Workshop)
-Herbs and our Breast(Milk) (In-person Workshop)
-How to make Child-Friendly Formulas (In-person Workshop)
-Herbal consultations for women’s health (contact me!)