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Wild Herban Walk in Humboldt Park

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to reunite with my herbal sister Celena in facilitating an plant walk around Humboldt Park’s beautiful boathouse. There were some beautifully brave folx that joined us and I have to say, my spirit is still singing from our connecting and sharing.

The walk started with a powerful meditation led by Celena. We all grounded and rooted ourselves, leaving outside forces to play as we became one with our surroundings. The plants surrounding the boathouse are vast and luscious. Appreciating their ever changing, seasonal appearances makes me so humble, so full. As we traversed the park, we sat with each plant momentarily, enamored with its magic. The biodiversity that is plant life demonstrated so many connections to our existence, our interconnectedness, and interdependence. We gave love and honor to the plants, the bugs, the water, and ourselves for we all need each other in order to exist. Each participant’s words and insight were so warm and heart opening. One participant had a powerful reflection on red clover; how red clover’s resilience and determination is parallel to our own, surviving and existing in spite of and in resistance to systemic oppression (these words don’t come close to the eloquence and brilliance that was shared). Another participant reflected on his youth and days spent in this very park; reconnecting with spirit and memories; a reunion long awaited. We all spoke of the need for reconnecting to a culture and knowledge passed down to us from generations long before us. This is our birth right. This is our resistance.

We concluded our walk with committing to learn and connect with a plant, to absorb its spirit and become great friends. I chose mama milkweed. Which plant will you choose? There are so many beautiful allies in the park, the ones we covered are only a few. See the list of plants observed on the Wild Herban Walk here.

Thank you goddess Moon for the light and calming end to a magical day.

Wild Herban Walk

One love.


How to Make an Herbal Infusion

Whew! It’s been a crazy, hectic couple of months! We’re in our growing season mode and have plenty of workshops and other opportunities coming up. In the meantime, I wanted to share this simple recipe on how to make herbal infusions. I’ve been making a ton especially mixing herbs and fruits. So yummy! Seems likes bellies are everywhere! so this one if for the mahmis.

How to make an herbal infusion:
Add herbs to boiling water and let steep over night (for flowers and leaves, steep for 4 hours minimum; for roots, steep for 8 hours)

Jeanine’s Pregnancy Herbal Infusion


    Herbs to use

Nettle leaf (urtica dioica): heart shaped leaves thank resembles mint; has stinging hairs that cause dermatitis (ouch!); said to be the most versatile healing plant; can also be eaten (add young leaves to salad or soups); iron content is good for anemia (great in pregnancy as it increases amount of vitamins and minerals consumed)

Red raspberry leaf (rubus idaeus): this is a perennial plant (use leaves and berries; pick leaves in late spring before flowers fully mature; in 1940 British scientist isolated “fragerine” which has been found to be a relaxant that reduces muscle spasms in the uterus; take a cup of tea 30 minutes before meals to prepare for childbirth and prevent miscarriage; relieves cramps caused by menstruation; can be used in a vaginal wash

Alfalfa tops (medicago sativa): best known as a forage crop (aka Buffalo Grass); First Nation people collect seeds and grind them into flour; strengthens the digestive tract and treats ulcers; leaves are trifoliate; an absolute soil healer and will break up clay; harvest at flowering time for medicinal use; use whole leaves and flowers for tea; rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium, vit A, B6, D, K, and P

Peppermint (mentha piperita): cooling and stimulating; there are 3 species of mint: peppermint, spearmint, and pennyroyal; tea makes you feel cooler by bringing more blood to the skin where evaporation wicks away body heat; great for colds and illness to combat dry cough, fever, etc.

I’ll be back with more…but until then,


Everyday Self-Love: Herbs for Self-Care

Everyday Self-Love

Everyday Self-Love, Herbs for Self-Care

Saturday, April 18th from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Location: Sage Community Health Collective * 2514 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Cost: Sliding scale-$20-50 (cost includes herbs and materials)

Loving ourselves is no doubt a revolutionary act. The question is how do we find the time to incorporate a full dose of loving, self-care into our everyday lives. This skillshare will  provide space to share ways in which the herbs and plants around can assist us in meeting our self-care goals in phenomenal ways. Reconnecting with our herbal allies can help us to realign, recreate, reimagine, and with ease, find the time daily to reunite with ourselves. This skillshare is for anyone who wants to give more to themselves and experience the collective act of making herbal medicine with others. Participants will be able to take the formulas they create home.

My Bump, My Birth, My Baby: Herbs for Pregnancy and Family

My Bump, My Birth, My Baby

My Bump, My Birth, My Baby: Herbs for Pregnancy and Family

Saturday, May 30th, 2015 from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Location: Watoto Wetu Academy, Bronzeville, Chicago

Cost: Sliding scale $20-50

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Brief Description: This workshop is an introductory herbal demonstration and collective preparation of herbal formulas for the childbearing year.  If you are interested in herbal remedies that can be used during pregnancy, to promote self-love in birth, and for the littles ones in your home, then this workshop is for you. After this skill share, participants will be able to take home their herbal preparations along with the confidence to replicate these herbal recipes at home in their healing laboratories.

All proceeds for this workshop will be donated to Watoto Wetu Academy. Watoto Wetu Academy is a community-based independent school. WWA’s Afrikan-centered, holistic education builds community leaders and nurtures the whole child. For more information about Watoto Wetu Academy, please visit their website or Facebook page.

 How to register:  This event seating is limited. To register, click the “Buy Now” paypal button below. You will be directed to an order summary page where you will enter in your sliding scale donation ($20-50). You need to submit your payment in order to be registered. You will receive a registration confirmation within 48 hours.

See you there!!!


Late Night Herbing


It’s my second week in the boondocks and I’m late night herbing (yes, that’s a verb;)) Moving outside of the city has left me with a bunch of mixed feelings but the one thing I love the most is the outdoor space. Being a north side girl I’m used to city congestion. Being out here lets me have a bunch of outside space and very close forest preserves to get into. Took a walk yesterday and noticed some wild rose and yellow dock (this herban girl’s dream).

Until next time, green blessings!


July 12th Healers of Color Presents: A Community Healing Celebration

For more info visit:

This event is for all ages and it is FREE to attend:

10:15 | Welcome & Libations
10:30 | Kemetic Yoga
11:05 | Zumba
11:40 | Qi Gong
12:15 | African Drumming & Dancing
1:00 | Group Meditation, Group Reiki & Audio Pharmacology
1:40 | African Martial Arts
2:15 | Sexual Health Panel
2:45 | Self-Care & Community Feedback
3:00 | Closing Affirmation

There will be lots of activities and free workshops to participate in. This event is a place where healers will showcase there gifts with the community.

Other than group workshops we will have:
-Free blood pressure screenings
-Sliding scale massage therapists
-Holistic health care providers
-Kemetic yoga specialist
-Sound therapy
-Psychic readings
-Doula & Midwives corner
-Ear seeding
-Natural body products and more.

-There will also be a youth corner where we will be working with the children all day with arts and crafts, yoga, breath work, face painting and more. You don’t want to miss out.

-We will also have a clothes, books and jewelry recycling lab were you can trade your old items and get new ones or drop off donate your used items.

Please join our family of healers we would love to connect with you.

Elisha Hall
Shannon Harris Esoterik Being
Yeeskah Radcliffe
Lotus Love Snemah Tchass
Lakiesha Williams
HoneyPot Sky-Teaser
Dr. Gregory Hall
Kimosha Murphy
Jeanine Valrie
Dominique Covington
E’a Williams
Tiffany Chimaroke
Chicago Volunteer Doulas
Martine Caverl
And more…

If you would like to vend at our event please send questions to if you are looking to be a sponsor please send emails to

Common Herbs for your Healer and Doula Bag

Photo: Lil Empress tending to her roots

Many thanks and blessings to all of the participants that came out to the Common Herbs for your Healer and Doula Bag workshop. There was an awesome turnout and we made some fun medicine to share with our clients and loved ones. Give thanks for Sage Community Health Collective for allowing us to use their sacred space. It’s always healing for me to be in that space and this was no different. I felt honored to be able to share with folks there since our collective healing is fundamental in our liberation.

If you missed it, don’t worry…there will be more! Follow this blog for more updates and upcoming workshops.

Coming later in 2014:
-Common Herbs for your Healer and Doula Bag (Webinar)
-Winter Medicinals (In-person Workshop)
-Herbs and our Breast(Milk) (In-person Workshop)
-How to make Child-Friendly Formulas (In-person Workshop)
-Herbal consultations for women’s health (contact me!)